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Mark Koch and Julie Koch-Beinke founded Alternatives with the idea of creating designs, brands, and related products from the perspective of the audience. Together they formed an approach and built a company to design and branding that creates strategies and visual solutions for business, brand and product success based upon the end-user, that is, the consumer. Alternatives thus focuses on strengthening the impression of everything their clients do to reach and serve their audiences, across all forms of media-often in very unique ways.

Over the years, Alternatives has worked with a diverse range of clients in a wide range of industries - from autos to watches, public agencies to entertainment, fashion to non-profits - to help each succeed in as many different ways as possible. Alternatives respects the clients intentions and style and works together with them as a team, aiming to make all components of a project work together in harmony to present the strongest, most memorable image, brands, and products possible.

Start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike need to succeed while making every dollar count. If everything works together, budgets are also maximized and the company is able to offer more- development, service and value - fueling their growth. By helping clients to offer more, we have been able to grow with them. We are fortunate to have many long-term relationships that have brought mutual long-term success.

Alternatives is a full-service shop, with an incredible team of talented professionals located on site, at the gateway to galleries, in New York City's Chelsea neighborhood.